11 October 2009

Classic Week - the Thames Ditton

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Amongst the beautiful old cars was this sailing yacht called the Thames Ditton. I don't know its story but perhaps it's one of the first sailing yachts.

In the lower photo, the yellow car is a 1911 Super 2 cylinder cycle car - unique in the world.

The red car is a 1913 Panhard & Levassor Type X 19, 4 cyl. 10 CV.


Chuckeroon said...

Hi, Jilly.

Here's a little link to what probably inspired the name Thames Ditton. The illustrious pre-war British Motot Yacht Club, the history of the "Little Ships" that rescued British and French troops at Dunkirk in May 1940, and the delightful Wind in the Willows tradition that permeates the Thames psyche. As you well know, Thames Ditton starts roughly where Richmond upon Thames stops!!!


Jilly said...

Chuckeroon, thankyou. I felt sure if anyone knew, you would. Thanks for the link too.

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

This looks like a classic event that is perfect for Monte Carlo. We thoroughly enjoyed the Grand Prix Historique when we were there in 2002. I hope that they continue to hold that event on the even numbered years the week before the regular Grand Prix.

BLS said...

Love the old cars on display. The boat looks quite a contrast to most of the boats is your city.

Unknown said...

It looks more like my kind of museum. Keep em coming.

B SQUARED said...

They really are pieces of art.

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