16 October 2009

The Two Most Perfect Things - the 'Master' & the 'Governor'

Copyright 2009 Monte Carlo Daily Photo. All rights reserved.

The show is a shortened 'dinner-theatre' version of a new, full-length play about the lives and works of Noël Coward and Ivor Novello - The 'Master' and the Governor.' The research that author, Adrian Fisher, has done demonstrates just how disparate their legacies actually are. While there exists a mountain of books about the life and works of Noël, as well as frequent productions of his works, Ivor, although probably the greater star during their lifetimes, has slipped quietly into semi-obscurity, with only a handful of old biographies to tell his story.

In this shot, we see the Australian soprano, Dianne Weller. She took the part of Gertrude Lawrence although here is she playing the role of Noël's mother early on in the show. In the background, we see Stuart Barham at the piano - the Musical Director and Narrator.


Laurie Allee said...

YOur candid shots of people are so magnificent. I just love the look on her face. Wonderful image, Jilly!

Virginia said...

Lovely portrait and interesting text!
Bon weekend Jilly!

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