29 November 2009

No Finish Line - the Singing Prince

If you wonder why H.S.H. Prince Albert's mouth is open it's because he's singing along with everyone else. He's doing one circuit of the course along with some of the children and volunteers, before handing out the prizes for those who walk, ran or jogged the most kilometres.

As well as a donation to the Cardio-Thoracic Center of Monaco for children with heart defects, the money raised from this year's No Finish Line will go towards work in developing countries, including funding for a sterile operating theatre at the Sheik Zayed hospital in Nouakchott in Mauritania; and support for the House of Life project for young people affected by AIDS (in conjunction with AIDS Fight Monaco, whose president is HSH Princess Stephanie).

Up till now projects supported by the charity include:
  • installation of computer equipment in the paediatric unit of the University Hospital Centre at L’Archet II in Nice for children who are hospitalised 'long-term'
  • reinstatement of the rural life and craftsmanship centre in Guiberoua, Ivory Coast
  • renovation of the 'Virgen de Guadalupe' dispensary in Bale, Panama
  • purchase of state-of-the-art monitoring equipment for the neonatal unit of the University Hospital Centre at L’Archet II in Nice
  • saving young children with cardiac malformations by arranging for them to have operations at Monaco's Cardio-Thoracic Centre


Leif Hagen said...

Wow - great photos with HSH Prince Albert! Great that he'll join the people and show his support! C'est formidable!

Virginia said...

Funny how a running suit puts eveyone on the same level. I would have never picked him out of the crowd! :) Great cause and also nice to see HSH joining the fun. I would have loved to have been a part myself!

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

Superb photos of Prince Albert. And what a worthwhile cause, supporting both local and international charitable purposes.

maria said...

What a trooper!

Jilly, are his bodyguards at a discrete distance for these occasions?

Anonymous said...


Enjoying your photos these days, as I have daily for the last 18 +/- months since I've come across your blog.

In today's photo I find it interesting that Prince Albert can walk around without a lot of security. I know the principality is ultra safe and secure, but its nice he can walk about and mingle with his subjects. I am sure there are eyes everywhere though!

I've been a little more interested in the MC photos lately, as I like seeing the photos of the people of Monaco leading their daily lives. The ladies on a smoking break, for example. Those candid people shots are really interesting to me. Also, I liked the parking ticket photo in front of Cartier.

Keep it up!

manhattan beach, california

Jilly said...

Yes, you see a few of the bodyguards around but they are really discrete, except at a private function when they try to keep photographers away except the official one.

Jilly said...

Thanks Rick. There will be more Prince Albert photos after Theme Day on the 1st. I love taking photos of everyday life too.

PJ said...

That's a great portrait for your text, you have a charmed life, Jilly.

Nathalie H.D. said...

Rick I guess there are bodyguards around but I like that they are so discreet - perhaps disguised as boy scouts ? ;-)

With your great zoom I'm not sure how close you were, Jilly, but it is indeed wonderful to be able to approach royalty without huge and pricey zoom lenses (did you buy one of those ???

Jilly said...

Nathalie, this was taken with the current camera, the one you know - Lumix FZ18. I just waited until he walked past and zoomed a bit. A better photo of the Prince will appear on the 2nd, after Theme Day.

The new camera has a 14-140 zoom which is apparently equivalent to a 28-280 (around 10 X I think) but nothing like the 18 zoom of the FZ. So I'll doubtless be lugging two camera around!

valeria said...

Look at him! I saw the Prince many years ago at the classic regattas in Cannes (or was it St. Tropez...) on Tuiga...

Stefan Jansson said...

I didn't know he could sing. I had a thing for one of his sisters when I was a bit younger. And I still have Stephanie's LP.

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