20 January 2010

34th Festival of Circus - the Elephant's Trunk

Stretch.....and hope for a biscuit. And he got one - in fact, he got lots of biscuits. And the child got to see just how long an elephant's trunk is.

'Nature's great masterpiece, an elephant; the only harmless great thing.'

~ John Donne


Sharon said...

Great photos!

Virginia said...

OH you caught this big guy and the petite jeune fille just perfectly. I love his close up too! Now to go find out the French word for elephant. My granddaughter can probably tell me!

Bob Crowe said...

It looks like an assault with a deadly weapon. I know that elephants are generally nice to us if we are nice to them but I wouldn't want that thing pointed at me.

Kate said...

My top favorite animal. Their loyalty to one another is enviable! This child is so fascinated!!

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