19 January 2010

34th Festival of Circus - the Lion King

Back to Monaco for a few days as it's that time of year again - the circus is back in town.

It's the 34th Festival of Circus, one of the most prestigious events in the circus calendar.

Each day, in the area outside the circus tent in Fontvieille you can wander around looking at the animals taking the sun and being cleaned and fed. This year, lions, elephants, sealions and horses were spending their spare time looking at us whilst we looked at them.

The lions, one of whom you see here, were all in beautiful condition and in enormous runs with raised benches allowing this magnificent Lion King to look down on us. He is one of the troupe of lions trained by Martin Lacey Junior.

You can read about animals in circuses HERE - words from a meeting presided over by Princess Stephanie of Monaco.


maria said...

Beautiful condition indeed -- this lion looks like he's been to the groomers! :)

I hope your weather is getting better!

glduro_marieloupe said...

Beautiful animal, and wonderful photo!

Nathalie said...

I agree with Maria, the lion does look like he's been groomed down to his toe nails - what a beautiful mane!

Virginia said...

I wonder who has the courage to brush his mane? I'm glad to see circus animals so well kept. Gorgeous portrait of him Jilly.

Sharon said...

"My what big teeth you have". These are great photos of a very regal animal. This one does look like he has been groomed.

Anonymous said...

Nice photos but it breaks my heart to see these magnificent animals behind bars - rather disgusting and should be stopped at all costs!

Anonymous said...

I think it's time to watch Circus without animals and towns without zoos.

Times have changed. I can understand years ago when few people have the chances to see these kind of animals. Now with all the media and documentaries at our disposal everybody may see where wild animals live.

Let's give back to them their dignity since they are going to exctintions.


Chuck Pefley said...

What a magnificent creature! Love the idea of letting people see the animals outside of the circus tent!!

Mo said...

Wow what a great shot.

Unknown said...

I'm not a fan of zoos or circuses either. But the way Man is destroying the planet, it might be the only way of seeing these great creatures.

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