02 January 2010

The Tablecloth

Watching a waiter prepare the tables for lunch is fascinating. He is working on the terrace of the Salle Empire in the Hôtel de Paris. He threw the cloth into the air at least four or five times before he was satisfied at the way it landed.


Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

Maybe throwing the table cloth four or five times was his New Year's resolution for getting more exercise.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Good capture!

Gunn said...

Well seen and well done!

Virginia said...

Only you would have found the rythym here! Great capture. It reminds me of the "lost op" from last summer. I was strolling Ile St. Louis with photographer Meredith Mullins. From the corner of my eye I spotted a gentleman shaking his tablecloth out of his window on the second floor. By the time I got my camera on etc. the moment was lost. Meredith gave me an A for effort! HA I should have had the camera set on Automatic and I might have had it. oh well.

Unknown said...

Good spotting and shooting. A fast shutter speed here methinks.

bitingmidge said...

Perhaps there was just one sticky crumb!

Or was he trying to dry it?

Terrific moment in time caught forever!

Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia

Chuck Pefley said...

Are you sure he wasn't simply shaking crumbs from the cloth?

I like the fluidity of this image. Nice!

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