21 February 2011

The Most Beautiful Dog Loo in the World?

Could this be the most beautifully located official dog loo in the world?

The gate leads down a winding stairway to a small enclosed garden where dogs can attend to their needs. There's a bench for the dog's owner. You'll find this very near to the Oceanographic Museum on the Rock.

Woof woof, I say!


joanna said...

Ah, some dogs have all the luck in the world.


Maya said...

Parfait!! We need to bring Charlie here. Maybe he'll get the idea that it is GOOD to go outside! ;)

Janet M Kincaid said...

Are humans required to clean up after their dogs in this park? Maya's right, we may have to bring Charlie down for a visit.

Virginia said...

I second that WOOF! How divine. Only you , the chien lover of all time, would find it.

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