19 February 2011


It's Saturday. Let's find a little peace and quiet. These are the gardens that run along by Fort Antoine. Through the palms you can see Cap Martin.


Freda L said...

Oh, Jilly, just what we need to see to cheer us here in a very dreary, cold, sleaty England. your blogs give us great pleasure, thankyou. Hope to see you in April,

Dianne said...

Lovely little vista through the palms ~ you have found your quiet place. Beautiful!
"Adelaide and Beyond"

joan said...

It looks like an island resort, Jilly. Very peaceful.

Ineke said...

what a view and what a weather. Congrats on your 4th anniversary (actually 8th with both blogs). I know from experience there must have been struggling times over these past years but it has never shown on your blog. Keep it up :)

Jilly said...

Look forward to your visit, Freda.

And INeke, many thanks for that. Sometimes I do wonder how I keep it up because it's a lot with both blogs and Riviera Dogs too but so far so good. Just I love this area so much so it's easy!

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