28 August 2011

La Turbie - Street Sign

Don't you love the carved street names...


Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

These street signs are fine for pedestrian walkways. They don't work for drivers.

I am not criticizing, however, as in Tamarindo we do not have any street signs and people don't even use street names. We do not have any addresses. The way to identify where something is located is to say where it is near, using the name of someplace that everyone knows where it is.

Jilly said...

Dave, these are tiny streets that won't take cars. But I know just what you mean about places being named for a place people know. Often in Monaco people refer to places by name, rather than number of street. And places are named after an old building or family that might not even be there anymore. Perhaps that's the same all over the world?

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