23 August 2011

La Turbie - Take a length of rope...

Take a rope and an old log and you have a great game. This hidden corner in La Turbie has been transformed into a children's play area.

An improvement on video games, wouldn't you say?


Graeme said...

Beautiful little girl nicely captured Jilly. But alas, the local council Health and Safety official, would close that down at the blink of an eye over here. No 30cm deep soft material underneath, no padding on the walls and shock horror, no safety harness on the rope!!

Bob Crowe said...

If it gets children outdoors and engaged in physical activity it's a great benefit. I don't think this arrangement would be allowed in the US, though - not safe enough.

We're sitting at the airport in St. Louis. Our flight to Chicago is over an hour late due to severe thunderstorms there. Still plenty of time on the connection.

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