31 December 2011

The End of the Year...

If you are celebrating tonight, have a wonderful time! Perhaps you'll visit Port Hercule where you'll see these two performers.

Happy New Year to everyone and let's hope this suffering world of ours finds peace and some common sense in 2012.


Nathalie said...

Beautiful portraits to end the year!
May there be more caring and sharing in this world in 2012 - I think we'll need it !

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

Peace and common sense are two good things to wish for in the new year and beyond. It is difficult to contemplate which has been more elusive for mankind.

Kate said...

Celebrate safely tonight and may 2012 bring you a life filled with many blessings, including good health, prosperity, generosity of spirit with much joy and laughter!

Bob Crowe said...

No, not Port Hercule. Grand Boulevard will have to do but we've got a pretty good NYE street party there. I hope all the drivers coming down that mountain road of yours tonight are sober.

I notice from your blog's clock that it has just struck midnight in France. Happy 20121

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