30 January 2012

Oceanographic Museum - Prince Albert I of Monaco

The first thing that strikes you as you enter the Oceanographic Museum is that the building is going to be every bit as stunning as the fish - and it is.

This is the main entrance hall with a sculpture of Prince Albert I of Monaco (1848 - 1922), mariner and scientist and founder of the musuem.

As a young man, Prince Albert I served in the Spanish Navy, but during the Franco-Prussian War, he joined the French Navy where he was awarded the Legion of Honor. He was only 22 years old when he began to develop an interest in the then relatively new science of oceanography. After several years of study, Albert showed his ingenuity by devising a number of techniques and instruments used for measurement and exploration. Accompanied by some of the world's leading marine scientists, he recorded numerous oceanographic studies, maps and charts. He then founded what would become the world renowned Oceanographic Institute which is based here, at the museum, and in Paris. We'll learn more as we continue our visit.

The tentacles of the octupus are part of a exhibition - more another day.

Prince Albert I, (click to see him in the Saint Martin Gardens looking out to sea) is the great grandfather of the current ruler of Monaco, Albert II.

More tomorrow...


AL said...

it looks as if the tentacles are about to grab Albert. I like the floor..is it wood?

French Girl in Seattle said...

As I commented yesterday, I simply adore this building. I believe it is my favorite memory of my one-day visit to Monaco last summer. I did not care so much about other places there... When you get a chance, stop by chez Moi this week. The new post will be of interest to you--- guaranteed ;-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

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