11 September 2009

The Prince who Loved the Sea

Copyright 2009 Monte Carlo Daily Photo. All rights reserved.

Prince Albert 1st was an eminent scientist and seaman who founded the Oceanographic Museum in 1902.

He lived from 1848 - 1922 and is the Great-Grandfather of the current ruler of Monaco, S.A.S. Prince Albert II.

I love the position of this sculpture in the Saint Martin Gardens - looking out to sea, the Prince is obviously doing what he loved best.

Note: the couple you saw yesterday are slightly more occupied in the smaller photo today!


maria said...

I love how the prince's rain gear is flapping in the wind!
And your small pic with yesterday's couple is great!

Halcyon said...

You sly devil! Pretending to take a picture of the statue when you were really after the couple. Hee!

Happy Friday!!

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