05 February 2012

Oceanographic Museum - the Ship's Laboratory

The Hall of Zoological Oceanography, renamed Salle Albert Ier in 2004, features a mock-up of one of three laboratories on the Hirondelle II.

The materials are taken directly to a laboratory on deck. After being sorted to eliminate useless residue, the materials for zoology are sent to the central laboratory, whilst those for oceanography go to a third laboratory.

The musuem houses tens of thousands of specimens and even today, researchers come to Monaco from all over the world.


Anonymous said...

Interesting! I was there 1 hour before closing time which was not enough as they closed parts of the exhibition already 15 min before official closing time. So I couldn't see this floor here.
You had luck that you could take the photos without people around... Thanks for showing!
Barbara from Germany

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

I hope that in the early days of examining ocean specimens they had a way to preserve them, or it could be a long voyage back to the museum.

Nikon said...

Fascinating place!

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