23 February 2012

The Trophy of the Alpes - the Goats

The Trophy of the Alpes celebrates the Emperor Augustus' conquest of the Gaulish Tribes between 25 and 14 B.C. From the Col de la Turbie, the highest point of the Julia Way (via Julia Augustus) the monument overlooks the sea from San Remo to Esterel and asserts the power and protection of Rome.

The walk throught the ground surrounding the Trophy affords some fabulous views over Monaco, amid box trees, rockroses, lavenders, bilberries and cypresses.

There are even a couple of friendly goats...

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I never knew that Monaco had any wildlife. Just thought there would be seagulls and pampered pooches. He's a splendid looking fellow. Hope he was no trouble while you snapped him

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