11 February 2012

Oceanographic Museum - Silvery Lookdown

Just a day or so more at the Oceanographic Museum and we'll go somewhere else - but we'll be back. I photographed almost none of the art within the museum and wasn't happy with many of the fish photos - so another visit will be on the cards sometime in the future.

The top photo shows a Silvery Lookdown - they slide through the water like blades to catch their pray - and have such funny faces. This one reminds me of someone I know ...!

Look at the way the prawn - or is it a type of lobster - fits his little burrow.

And the last photo shows one of the nursery tanks. These are one of seven clownfish species in the aquarium, along with some black and white cardinal fish.

Some facts:

There are 90 tanks on exhibition. The capacity of the largest is 450,000 litres. The smallest holds 100 litres.

The temperature in the tropical area is 25 degrees and in the Mediterranean area, 15 - 22 degrees according to the season.

Duration of daily light: Tropical - 14 hours. Mediterranean - 12 hours.

Tomorrow, we meet the oldest inhabitant of the aquarium.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful, Jilly!
When I was there none of my photos were satisfactory.. The fish swam too fast! ;-)
And you know what? Every time I have prawns or herrings on my plate I remember (with a bad conscience) the ones of this aquarium!
Barbara from Germany

Kate said...

The top photo looks too perfect to be real. Love the colors in the bottom snap.

Jane Hards Photography said...

Nemo! I love clown fish. The blue tinged looks electric. The bottom shot is almost 3D.

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