24 March 2012


The Chanel shop ... it's the contrasts that can make Monte Carlo so fascinating.


French Girl in Seattle said...

I agree. This is an excellent shot, Jilly. Did those boys mind that you took their picture? I am never brave enough to do it if someone looks at me... Bon weekend! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are right, Jilly. If we look carefully we find a lot of contrasts there!
Like "French Girl..." I'd also like to know what the boys said when they saw you taking a picture of them..
Maybe they asked you to take some more?
Have a nice weekend!
Barbara from Germany

Jilly said...

French Girl and Barbara - well they didn't say anything. I guess that's the nature of street photography, which is absolutely my favourite thing - snap and move along. Sometimes I do talk to people but usually after the photo, else you've lost the spontananity. In this case I wasn't that close and then cropped the rest of the photo.

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