28 May 2012

Monaco Grand Prix - the Twizy

This tiny Renault electric car, the Twizy, can be seen on the Monaco roads - somewhat smaller than the Formula One cars we saw yesterday ... but with one thing in common, they each accommodate only one person.  Renault's answer to the Smart, I suppose.  

Congratulations to Mark Webber - 2nd Monaco win! 


Stefan Jansson said...

Never seen that model before.

domino said...

And this one? Can I drive this one?

Rob Siemann said...

Some precisions about it: it's an electric car, from Renault's ZE, Zero Energy, range. 2 models, one which goes up to 45 km/h, and for which you don't need a license, and one which goes up to 80 km/h. Price from 5000 euros onwards, depending on the accessories.
I happen to work for Renault, in charge of accessories for the English speaking world, from Dubai to New Zealand.

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