07 May 2012

Planet Solar arrives in Monaco!

The catamaran Planet Solar arrived in Monaco last Friday after circumnavigating the globe - and using solar power only.  An incredible achievement. The whole of the top surface of the catamaran, except for the viewing bubble, is made up of solar panels. (More on this another day)

In the small photo you see a map of the voyage that started on the 27th September 2010 and finished in Port Hercule, Monaco on Friday. It took 585 days.

The photo below is a photo I took of a photo displayed near the catamaran.  This was part of a fabulous display, mainly teaching children about the catamaran and we'll see some of this over the next days, including a visit onto the vessel itself.


Stefan Jansson said...

Very impressive.

glenda said...

What an adventure.

Unknown said...

A whole year at sea. A great adventure yes, but I don't think I would like to be away from my home for that long.

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