10 May 2012

Planet Solar - Going Onboard

Visits on board Planet Solar were really well organised. I queued for about an hour - about 20 people were allowed on at any one time.  We had a quick look around with various crew members telling us all about the trip.

You can see the line of people waiting to get on - and don't you love the beautiful lines of this catamaran in the third photo.

More tomorrow as go on board and get a feel how the crew lived for the nearly two years they circumnavigated the globe.

...although depending on the photos I get today we may hop to the Historic Grand Prix as I'm popping to Monaco later to take shots of those wonderful old cars and their owners.  Vroom vroom ...

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Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

What a choice for tomorrow. Planet Solar boat or Historic Grand Prix. Can't go wrong.

We enjoyed Monaco's Historic Grand Prix exactly 10 years ago, and we hope to return.

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