18 February 2013

Chapel de la Miséricorde - the Beauty Inside

The Chapel de la Miséricorde on le rocher was completed in 1646.  25% of the population had died of the plague in 1631 with the last death on the 21st November which is the day of the Feast of Our Lady.  In recognition of this, Prince Honoré II  decreed that on the eve of Good Friday each year a procession of penitents, made up of local residents, should set off from the chapel.

These photos were taken with a 50mm lens but I'll  go back one day with a wide-angle. It's a truly beautiful chapel.

More tomorrow ...

1 comment:

domino said...

You have to stay a long time in this chapel. When you come out you feel completely newborn, and seeing the outside world again you have the feeling you made a time jump.

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