04 February 2013

Photography Exhibition!

Not a photo by me today but one that includes me! - it's the programme for a  an exhibition of photography at the Tour Lascaris/Fondation Raza in Gorbio village, just above Menton, from the 15 February to the 3rd March - 10h - 12h and from 14h to 16h. Closed on Tuesdays.

Khaled Youssef is a wonderfully creative Syrian-born photographer who lives in Nice. Khaled takes fabulous  photos of enormous bubbles, of beautiful reflections and of graffiti. It's an immense honour for me to be presenting my work at the same time. My photos will show what I adore about life here - the festivals, the ambiance, the food, the way of life in Menton and the medieval village of Gorbio. But most of all the people who live that life.

The vernissage is between 15h and 18h on Friday the 15th February (it will go on later than 6 p.m.) Everyone is welcome. Do mark your calendar and come along. And for anyone who wants to pass the evening in the village, the Restaurant Les Terrasses serves great pizzas.

Normal service will be resumed on this blog tomorrow!

Aujourd'hui, ce n'est pas une de mes photos, mais une photo sur laquelle je suis! - il s'agit du programme d'une exposition de photographie dans la Tour Lascaris / Fondation Raza au village de Gorbio du 15 Février au 3 Mars - de 10h à 12h et de 14h à 16h. Fermée le mardi.

Khaled Youssef est un photographe, merveilleusement  créatif, d'origine syrienne qui vit à Nice. 
Khaled prend de  magnifiques photos de bulles énormes, de beaux reflets et des graffitis. C'est un immense honneur pour moi de présenter mon travail en même temps que lui. Mes photos montrent ce que j'adore de la vie d' ici - les fêtes, l'ambiance, la cuisine, le mode de vie de Menton et du village médiéval de Gorbio. Et par dessus tout, les gens qui vivent cette vie.

Le vernissage aura lieu entre 15h et 18h le vendredi 15 Février (cela se poursuivra au delà de 18 heures) Tout le monde est  bienvenu. Notez la date dans vos agendas et venez. Et pour tous ceux qui voudraient passer leur soirée au village, le Restaurant Les Terrasses  sert de délicieuses pizzas.

Le blog reprendra son cours, demain!


domino said...

?. Didn't understand anything about the above comment. But anyway, I like your picture on the publicity. Are you going to make a book with your pictures? I would buy it!!!

Unknown said...

That's just wonderful for you, to be able to show your own work at a professional exhibition. You should get some great feedback from the visitors

Anonymous said...

Hi Jilly, that's more than great! A big honour! Wish I could go there for a visit! But I'm sure you will show us everything here, step by step! Looking forward to it!
Barbara from Germany

Jilly said...

Thankyou so much everyone. It's so encouraging to read the comments. And Domino, perhaps I will do a book someday...

R. said...

More power to you, dear Jilly. Through your photographs and insights, I feel like I have actually been to Monaco. Thank you for your generosity and passion.

Kate said...

I already commented on your Facebook site for this photo, but I'm so impressed, I'll tell you again that this is wonderful. Bravo and kudos, Jilly!

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