03 June 2013

'Get Closer and come to the M.Zone'

These signs saying 'Get Closer and come to the M.Zone' are all over the market area at Place d'Armes in Monaco. Included in the sign is a barcode and also the usual warning about smoking.

The M.Zone appears to indicate a WiFi zone but why the warning about cigarettes?

Anyone know? I clicked on the link but don't understand ...

PS. I now understand this is an advert for Marlboro Cigarettes so who knew?  What happened to Marlboro Man!


John said...

You write: What happened to Marlboro Man!

HE DIED, of cancer.

Jilly said...

John, quite right! Of course he did! My point really was that I'd not understood why, if this is an advertisement, we don't see the packet of cigarettes. Seems in France cigarette advertising is banned but not in Monaco. Struck me as a bad advertisement as I for one hadn't a clue what it was advertising. I don't smoke.

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