21 June 2013


This is a scene you often see on Larvotto Beach.  Nearly everyone in beach gear and suddenly you spot a man in a suit or in a shirt a trousers - doubtless an escapee from one of the many conferences held during the year at the nearby Grimaldi Forum.


boyfrombeach said...

Larvotto beach off-season is wonderful, good for swimming and snorkeling in the often crystal clear waters. Too bad after 3PM the shadows from the buildings invade the beach. Some thirty years ago I spent a lot of time here, only very few escapees and no yachts in the bay.

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

We also have a beach in Tamarindo, Costa Rica and I have never seen anyone in a suit or tie not only on the beach, but anywhere in town. In fact, it is rare to see anyone in long pants.

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