14 June 2013

The Cruise Liners

The cruise liners get bigger and bigger and on the days they are in Port Hercule, Monaco gets more crowded!  This one, Carnival Legend, takes 2124 passengers, has 930 crew members and is 963 feet long.

This photo was taken from Larvotto Beach.


boyfrombeach said...

These 10-storied boats remind me of the USS Eisenhower when it visited Monaco in June 1982. Too big even for the new port only a small fraction of their 6000 personel visited Monaco. Some visitors from the aircraft carrier told us they are seeing daylight for the first time in three weeks. Until the new port was built in 2004 only rarely did cruise ships visit here.

biebkriebels said...

Yes you're right. I was there last year by bus and in the harbour were three cruise-ships with thousands of people. We could hardly walk in the streets!

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