17 May 2014

Bentley Reflections

The shiny silver Bentley we saw yesterday reflected everything!



Hi Jilly,

You have all sorts of new print technology these days, so for change the look or color of your car, you can choose either a real "Spray on Chrome" or the use of a temporary vinyl"car wrap". Or you may can choose a 3D embossed, faked carbon look, very often used these days. You even can apply printed out pictures from Daily Monaco on your Bentley GT, if you have deep pockets, there are just no limits in design and style for your car skin.
Greetings from Albert

Jilly said...

Albert, thankyou. You are a fund of knowledge. I'll remember that when I get my next Bentley!

Anonymous said...

Ah, interesting to know this, too, Albert!
And Jilly, I hope you can pick me up from the heliport when you have your next Bentley! ;-)
Have a nice weekend everybody!
Barbara from Germany

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