12 May 2014

Grand Prix Historique de Monaco - Alfa-Romeo Tipo B (P3) - 1934

This is the Alfa-Romeo Tipo B (P3) made in 1934 - it won the A class race. What a beauty!

Clouds hung low over the Principality on Thursday but it didn't detract from the beauty of the cars. And always such a great atmosphere at the 'historique' with everyone happy to chat, mechanics and owners alike.


boyfrombeach said...

Nice to see that the MC Grand Prix Historique is still a "family" event. While the commercial interests fence off the town during Formula 1, here I see you can walk and talk with everyone.

alfa romeo said...

Wow!! What a nice car made on 1934 also this car has won the A class race. Really so beautiful. I'm fully impressed. Thanks

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