05 May 2014

Father Julien and the Monaco Harley-Davidson Club

Father Julien, the priest of Saint Nicolas' church in Fontvieille, Monaco is a biker - a member of the Monaco Harley-Davidson Club.  Each year he gives a service in the church for the bikers of the region - Monaco, France and Italy - and after the service there is a massive barbecue held outside the church. In this photo you see Father Julien third from left.

Who knew there was a Harley-Davidson club in Monaco? Who knew Monaco has a biker priest? I love it! 

Come back tomorrow - of course you want to see the bikes! And more bikers.

Art Monaco will return in a few days.


Kate said...

He must be a Jesuit! Bikers in skirts? We see lots of bikers on the river road along the Mississippi in Wi during the summer. Fun!!

Ramiro said...

This is the spirit of true bikers. Honestly, it doesn't matter what you wear, or what you don't, all that matters is that you're on a motorcycle and loving life. I love the fact that these guys look happy. That's what its all about!

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