17 March 2007

Entrance and Exit

Here's the sign at the entrance to the luxurious Metropole shopping centre. You can see other photographs of this tempting place here and here.


Anonymous said...

I looks expensive but maybe not since you have to "descend" to get there. Here. the most expensive shopping in stores are stocked at eye level where possible. Expensive places might be down one level but usually it is up one. Not in all cases.

Jilly said...

It depends where you start, Abraham. You can also enter this building from a lower level and then you have to come 'up.' All Monaco is like that because it's built on different levels.

Thanks so much for visiting. Jilly x

angela said...

That's a lovely sign; sort of Belle Epoque? And I can see one of the beautiful chandeliers inside.

isa said...

That's what I thought: Belle Epoque. And it is belle ;-)

But what shocks me is the sign in English. After all those years of fighting the "foreign influences" are the French relenting for the sake of profits?

Oops! I just realized, I'm not in France, this is Monte Carlo ;-)

Ame said...

Very interesting shot Jilly!

OOOO, I remember seeing that "fnac" sign in Paris...I think it was Paris, last year, LOL! ;)

And this is really going to make me feel BLONDE, but is French the main language in MC?

EEEEEEEEEEEEK! I know, I know...I'm extremely geography & language-challenged!

So did you go down there and buy anything nice?


Jilly said...

French is the main language of Monaco but don't feel language-challenged because in fact you'll hear as much Italian spoken. They say Monaco would collapse without the Italians. And then there is the Monégasque language itself, which is something entirely different. In most of the 'posh' shops, restaurants and hotels, people will speak English.

And yes, I bought a computer cable in FNAC! Very exciting...


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