05 March 2007

Marcel Pagnol 1895 - 1974

This tribute to the great Marcel Pagnol stands under an olive tree in the gardens opposite the Place des Moulins in Monaco. Poet, playwright, film maker, novelist, historian, essayist, translator - Pagnol's talent knew no bounds. Remember La Femme du Boulanger? Think of the wondrous films, Jean de Florette and Manon des Sources, made from his novel, L'eau des collines. Pagnol was elected a member of the Académie Française in 1946, the first film maker to be so honoured. Pagnol is translated into 30 languages. You can read more, much much more, at the official website


Anonymous said...

Another lovely photograph. Pagnol wrote some delightful plays set on the old port of Marseilles which were made into great films - "Marius", "Fanny" and "Cesar".


Chuckeroon said...

Just dropped in again for some sun......nasty forecast coming up here, followed by advance flood warnings.....Post #32 and the French Tourist Office speak with great truth AAArrrrgghh!.

angela said...

I also enjoyed though in translation Le Chateau de Ma Mere and La Gloire de Mon Pere both autobiographical. He certainly had a way with words.
A nice reminder, Jilly.

blueboat said...

What a lovely memorial, and what an amazing man.

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