15 March 2007

Check-out at Carrefour

Carrefour is the big supermarket of Monte Carlo. Here you see just a few of the many check-outs - and as you will see, dogs go almost anywhere in Monaco - and France. I often see Madame walking around the supermarket with Fifi, her little caniche (poodle) in the bottom of her shopping trolley amongst the brie and jambon. Illegal perhaps but somehow a blind eye is turned...after all, how could she possibly leave her little darling home alone in her apartment. Vive la France!


isa said...

Lol! I tried sneaking my golden into Monoprix in Paris, but as you can imagine it is not as easy to do with a 75lb dog ;-)
Vive la France, quand même!

angela said...

I've got golden retrievers too and it's not possible to sneak them anywhere!
I found the dogs in supermarkets/restaurants difficult to accept at first but after a while I seemed to stop noticing.

Oya said...

My golden girl likes attention ! So it is impossible to sneak somewhere. She makes sure that she is the midpoint, where ever we are...

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