12 March 2007

Sunday mornin'

11.45 on a Sunday morning - Boulevard des Moulins - shops all closed, hardly anyone about. Behind me is an outdoor café, filled with people taking coffee or a glass of wine - but here, nothing much stirs...


Ame said...

Hi Again Jilly!

That's too funny...guess we were both feeling relaxed yesterday! LOL!

And great minds think alike too right? ;)

Great shot! Let's go grab a coffee and sit and chat!


Mandy said...

ah such stillness

isa said...

Oh, who needs to shop on Sunday while we can have a kir royale in a cafe instead ;-)

Kate said...

Nice quiet day--that's the way Sundays should be!!

angela said...

Now that's what I call Sunday....and a kir royale in the sunshine would be perfect.
Lovely photo, Jilly.

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