09 February 2008

11th Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique - 2

Another dirty car for the petrol heads. This one is from the UK, isn't it, Gail's Man?


Unknown said...

It is indeed. It is an Austin, possibly an A40, from the 1950's. Although it has a tax disc, any vehicle built before 1973 can be driven without paying any road tax.

M.Benaut said...

Now, any Englishman (or woman), would know that this is a 1952-1954 Austin A40 Somerset, and capable of nearly 70 miles per hour. A really modern car with a curved windscreen. In Australia, they even had a heater as standard. Probably for an extra 100 or so pounds, you could have a (valve) radio. Notice the absence of a radio aerial !
I owned, as a student, both a 1951 A40 Devon and a 1955 A50 Cambridge. I was never really sad to see them go. However if I saw one in France, it would stop me in my tracks !!

Ming the Merciless said...

According to the licence plate, I'm going to guess it is a Rolls Royces. :-)

Wayne said...

LOVE the old cars. I guess I am a Petrol Head wannabe. :) Congrats, again, on your first Birthday Jilly, well done!!!

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