04 February 2008

Dull day

A dull day at the port but the light is somehow rather peaceful and romantic - the sea was so still. How spoiled - and lucky - we are here when a dull day is of note!


Anonymous said...


First of all - really lovely blog with wonderful photos!

I am writing to you because Joy of Norwich Daily Photo said you will be able to help. How ? I am writing in order to ask would you be interested to prepare a post with photos and tell how you are celebrating St. Valentines day in your country? We would upload your post on the Young Voices website: www.youngvoicesproject.org.uk Also we will create a link to your photo blog from our web.

Imagine all the wonderful St. Valentines day stories we could share with each other!

Hope to hear from you soon and hope you will join!

Please visit Young Voices.


Young Voices
Norwich Mind

alice said...

Silver sea...

Chuckeroon said...

....hmmmm, too true. Here at R u T you might find me muttering about "yet another grey day" and "having to go with the weather, yet again". Lovely smooth water capture. Makes a change not to have to wrestle with extreme light and shadow.

CONGRATULATIONS ON RUNNING TWO blogs simultaneously for 12 months. 1 is hard enough for me!!!

Cheers and Good Wishes from R u T.

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