11 February 2008

11th Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique - 4

Which one do you prefer?


Midas said...

I think I like the colorful car way to the right of the picture...it looks fast and loud.

Dallas Daily Photo

Gail's Man said...

I'd go for the Jag in the middle. A classic 60's car. The Alfa Romeo looks nice, but not very reliable. I'm not sure what the 3rd one is; maybe a Lotus.

can I come and live with you Jilly, so I can see all these cars in action?

Château-Gontierdailyphoto said...

Good anniversary

julia said...

I'd try the Alpha! The legends...these veterans are very jaunty, the latest racers end up looking all the same as each other.

Kate said...

Hey, I'm not fussy. I'll take any that is offered!!

Anonymous said...

The car to the far right is a Fiat X1/9, I think.

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