10 July 2008

Le Vieux Moulin de Monte Carlo - 3

Here you see the double olive press, which produced the première pression of olive oil. This relic from Roman times is now displayed in Fontvieille. See the last two postings for more on the olive oil mill of Monte Carlo.

Recommended reading: The Olive Route by Carol Drinkwater.

Actress Carol Drinkwater is probably best known for her role as Helen Herriot in All Creatures Great and Small. Also an accomplished novelist she has achieved best-selling status with her trilogy of life on her olive farm in Provence. The Olive Route is her fourth book. Click on the link to read more.


Anonymous said...

Just look at that. The amount of work that went into that wine press is hard for me to imagine.

I carve stone and it is not easy to carve. This looks like sandstone with is also abrasive and uses up chisels really fast. In those days, using their tools, seeing something this complex is amazing. It must have taken a crew of men many years to do the whole thing.

MmeBenaut said...

This series is terrific Jilly. I don't think I've seen any roman relics apart from on TV. We have a friend who has an olive farm. Thanks for the link to The Olive Route. I will have a look later when I have a bit more time.

Louis la Vache said...

"Louis" is enjoying your series on the old mills!

On a different subject, "Louis" et Mme. la Vache celebrate their premier anniversaire today.

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