28 July 2008

A Monte Carlo Summer - the Fishing Boat

With all the boats and super-yachts in Port Hercule in Monte Carlo, it's sometimes hard to remember there are fishing boats too. This was taken at 9 in the morning - the catch is in and now the fisherman (click to enlarge) is sorting his nets.

The Fish - by William Butler Yeats

Although you hide in the ebb and flow
Of the pale tide when the moon has set,
The people of coming days will know
About the casting out of my net,
And how you have leaped times out of mind
Over the little silver cords,
And think that you were hard and unkind,
And blame you with many bitter words.


Kate said...

Love the colours of the objects in the boat. Fishermen work very, very hard! Do you ever go down to the docks when they return with their catch. It's a great sight to see. Since I love Yeats, the poem delighted me; I have another poem for you which is too long to post here, but go to this site to read Elizabeth Bishop's "The Fish"

Jilly said...

Kate, thanks for the poem link. it's just lovely but as you say too long - and thank God for the last line! I actually saw it in my searches this morning (and didn't read it all which I have now) but at the time, felt it was more to do with line fishing and the one I used could be considered to relate to fishing with nets.
Many thanks for getting me to read it properly!

Virginia said...

They look impossibly tangled. Does it take them all day to sort all of these?

Janet said...

That's a lot of nets to sort! I like this colorful photo.

Ming the Merciless said...

Did you buy any fish for lunch?

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