23 July 2008

A Monte Carlo Summer - the Jellyfish Net

Larvotto Beach is protected from jellyfish by this net - well two nets in fact, one either side of the central breakwater. In total there are 320 metres of protection.

And what do you do if you are stung by jellyfish? I remember when I lived in Cairns in Queensland, Australia, there were always bottles of vinegar available on the beach.

Nice-Matin, the other day, tells us that if you can't find immediate help from the Lifeguards (and you will in Monaco) - this is what you must do:

1. Don't move the affected limb or limbs and whatever you do don't rub the skin. It will make it worse.

2. Remove the tentacles with tweezers or with gloved hands (in fact two sets of gloves, it says).

3. Then cover with dry sand or flour or talcum powder or even shaving mousse - which will trap the remaining cells that cause the rash.

4. Then you can then gently rub the affected area with a rigid piece of cardboard or a plastic credit card to remove these remaining cells - unusual use of a credit card!

5. Next you must wash the affected area with hot water (the heat apparently destroys the jellyfish poison).

6. Then you put salt on for 30 minutes.

7. Finally, you must take an aspirin.


Sally said...

And write it all down on a waterproof surface to take with you so you remember!

Virginia said...

That's pretty amazing device for keeping those bad boys out. Here I think the remedy is to rub granulated meat tenderizer on the area. .

Kate said...

Good grief! That's a lot of information to remember. I'm fascinated by the nets and am amazed that they work!

Ineke said...

that's why i always take 2 sets of gloves with me to the beach :)

Marie-Noyale said...

Thanks a lot for the tip.
I had no idea that the tentacles stayed on the skin!!
I had heard that some beaches on the riviera used those nets, does it work?

Anonymous said...

The nets are used at the Eden Roc, Cap D'Antibes & they appear to work pretty well.

Anonymous said...

Too much info to remember - I think I'll just stay out of the water if I forget my trusty bottle of vinegar.

Halcyon said...

Or you can just do what the "Friends" do... get someone to pee on it! :)

Hilda said...

It's great that you have this kind of protection for beachgoers—jellyfish stings can be so painful. And for some people, it can be fatal if they have a severe allergy.

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody. Jilly: do you have more photos of that nets? I'm working in this issue and I need lots of data. Please send them to my e-mail: grace_0_under_0_pressure@hotmail.com Thanks!!

Bruno M.
(from Barcelona)

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