19 June 2009

The Lady and the Queen

An attractive lady photographs Regina - a 2005 sculpture by the Spanish artist, Manolo Valdés - part of an exhibition of his monumental heads in the Casino Gardens. The blue tree is a Jacaranda.

There is an absolutely beautiful sculpture of Queen Mariana, by Manolo Valdés, below the Opera House. Click on the link.


BLS said...

I think art like this always looks better in a garden setting than on the street. Its a cool sculpture but I cant tell what a monumental head is looking at it.I clicked on the link and the queen looked like a GIANT BELL. Im still laughing.

Small City Scenes said...

A picture taken of a picture-taker.
It's ok. MB

Halcyon said...

Her clothes are almost falling off! I hope she has on a bathing suit or something underneath.

Lowell said...

I am going to have to visit here more often. These are superb photos and it is such a delight to see your beautiful part of the world!

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