28 October 2009

Villa Kérylos - the Triptolème

This is a detail of the Triptolème, a small rest room between two bathrooms in the Villa Kérylos.

Far from being a mere copy of the noble houses on the Greek island of Delos, Villa Kérylos is rather a reinvention of
ancient Greece. The architect, Emmanuel Pontremoli, did not want to make a pastiche but chose to create an original work with “Greece in mind”. He demonstrated his genius by subtly incorporating the modern conveniences of the
Belle Époque villas into the luxurious setting of an ancient Greek villa.


Freda L said...

We took the bus to Beaulieu last year and saw the Villa Kérylos in the distance so it is lovely to join your tour, thank you Jilly

Julie ScottsdaleDailyPhoto.com said...

Jilly, I am enjoying the tour and the memories of this great place. I assume you may also get to the Rothschild and its wonderful gardens. I have Day of the Dead art on my site to celebrate the upcoming holidays.

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