21 February 2010

A Bird for Abe

This dove - I 'think' it's a Eurasian Collared Dove - posed on a branch in the Saint Martin Gardens on le rocher. This is in homage to a real bird photographer, Abraham Lincoln (yes, he really is a descendant of THAT Abe) and is the most amazing bird photographer. Take a look at his My Birds Blog.


Sharon said...

Beautiful shot. That bird really does look like its posing.

Kate said...

I think Abraham will like this photo very much!

Anonymous said...

This is a beauty. We do not have the collared doves here but we have the one called "mourning" dove. The are very similar.

Thank you for the link, Jilly. It is most appreciated. Building an audience of bird lovers shouldn't be that difficult but it is for me.

Virginia said...

A wonderful tribute to our friend Abe. And a superb photo.

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