22 February 2010

The Rowing Regatta

Yesterday, as you see was a glorious day - well until early afternoon when we lost the sun. It was the second day of a rowing regatta - the 6th edition of the Prince Albert II Challenge and this year teams have come from as far as Australia, Ukraine and Sweden.

Note the Palace which you can see top left hand corner.

Here you see some of the early preparations - come back tomorrow for more fun on the water.


BlossomFlowerGirl said...

I notice the rower in the foreground has a tanned left leg and a white right leg. Strange. Bit like "driver's arm" perhaps.
I can't get over how crowded all the buildings look - there's stacks of them.
Melbourne Daily Photo

Kate said...

Vivid colours! Palace...almost seems like an outdated term or lifestyle in this day and age. Are cultures hanging on to the past, I wonder?

Halcyon said...

Looks like preparations are well underway!

Virginia said...

Well I shall help Peter out with cheering on the Swedish team! :)

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