19 February 2010

Ficus Repens

Ficus repens - the pretty creeping ivy that decorates the balustrades of this wall just below the Hôtel de Paris.

A Joyous Update: Thanks to Kim of Seattle Daily Photo for the great news that photo blogger Amir Sadeghi of Tehran 24 and Tehran Live has been freed from Evin prison in Tehran. Amir is free. What fabulous news!



Adorable pictures, how great that you focus on such "unimportant" details like creeping ivy, things others may not see, but you do. Love it.

Halcyon said...

This plant is beautiful. And I'm very glad to hear that Amir has been released.

Virginia said...

How simply beautiful. My creeping fig that I'm begging to climb the brick on my porch is......brown!

Terrfic news about our friend Amir!

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