16 September 2010

Candy Land in Monaco

The Avenue des Beaux-Arts, which leads off Casino Square, is the most expensive shopping street in Monaco. Here you find Yves St. Laurent, Dior, Bulgari and so on.

So it was quite surprising to find a load of bonbons making an appearance along this little street, much to the delight of any children that came along.

The bonbons are the work of Laurence Jenkell and are called 'Colours of Monaco.' The exhibition finished at the end of August but a visit to her website and her world of 'Candy Land' is great fun.


Caroline said...

I really enjoy your blog - especially today as my husband is in Monaco on a conference so its nice to know what he might be doing!

Sharon said...

Art candy and fashion candy...what a great combination! Both are tempting but not necessarily good for you.

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