11 September 2010

Sensible Shoes at Monaco's Market

Just to prove that not all Monte Carlo ladies wear high heels - see yesterday's post.

These two are in Place d'Armes, walking towards the market.


Chuckeroon said...

I've been tracking the arrival of some really great shoe shapes this year! Your yesterday's shots of heels are right up there, and I've been missing some super shots - wrong lens; too fast to catch;no camera! Moan,moan.

But I took a good look at these ladies' shoes. I reckon they are nicely stylish.....as well as comfy.

joanna said...

Practical, and the two ladies are very stylish in their attire and shoes, their hair, they are impeccable.

the two ladies yesterday were pretty a lower more sensible heel and they would have looked glamorous.


hanna said...

Joanny's right, the two women yesterday would have looked more classy, less fashion victim had they been wearing a lower more practical heel.

But those two probably don't have to do anything as mundane as the marketing, running errands, etc. Heaven forbid!

Thanks, Jilly, for the different perspectives on Monte Carlo life. Personally, I'd rather be in today's photo, enjoying the sun, the fountain, and off to the market with these two ladies.

Sharon said...

Good to know becaue my days of wearing yesterday's shoes have long passed.

Unknown said...

There the sort of shoes nurses wear. Sensible, but not very sexy!

Anonymous said...

they are so sweet : )

Anonymous said...

Ah perhaps these ladies are well versed in the art of markets!

BlossomFlowerGirl said...

This is a beautiful photo. The ladies with their walking sticks on a suny day, the bright flowers around and that wonderful little fountain with the sorays of water. A happy photo. It makes me smile.

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

During our trip several months ago to Bellagio and Milan, Italy, I took a few photos of shoes like the ones you showed yesterday. Julie, Glenda and I commented that you had influenced my photography.

Today's shoes are much more sensible for everything except very special occasions. Fortunately for Julie, she is 6 feet tall, so she can wear flats and still be a couple of inches taller than me. If she wears boots with heels, the disparity is even greater.

Jilly said...

That's a great compliment Dave and thankyou. And I in turn have to thank those who influenced me, for instance, Nathalie from Avignon in Photos and so many others.

Menton Daily Photo

Monte Carlo Daily Photo

ramy_v said...

Well done... nicely captured.

Houston Daily Photo

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