12 September 2010

'Hymn to Life' by Mornar

This summer we saw an exhibition of art by the Croatian sculptor Mateo Mornar. This is called L'Hymne à La Vie - Hymn to Life. It stood on the corner of Casino Square near to the Café de Paris.

Now summer is almost over and this monumental sculpture has gone. I found the relationship between the two so moving.


joanna said...


It is a shame it is gone, but good you got a snap shot of it.

It is quite unusual - very interesting and moving piece.


Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

Thank you for showing all three angles. No one photo could have captured this statue. There is a lot going on here.

hanna said...

This IS a very moving sculpture; thank you for sharing it. Like Dave said, having the different perspectives really helps in seeing all that's going on here.

One reaction I had is that in this sometimes hostile world, every species is quite vulnerable and we're all in this together. Whether animal or human, we share a basic need for respect, understanding, and freedom despite our differences.

So much can be said about this sculpture along with the fact that it's just plain visually appealing. I'm sorry it's no longer in Monaco for you to enjoy. Do you have any idea as to where it is now?

Jilly said...

Ann, It's probably still in Monaco - just been moved from its position on the corner of Casino Square. Mornar is represented by a Monaco gallery.

Leif Hagen said...

What a great and interesting sculpture! Too bad that's it's gone! Zut alors!

Unknown said...

The Beauty and the Beast. He looks a bit like Lion King. :-)

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