20 September 2010

Lady Moura

The Monaco Yacht Show starts on Wednesday with many of the world's famous yachts making an appearance. The Lady Moura, however, with her crew of 60, is based in Port Hercule and is actually the permanent home of her owner, Saudi billionaire, Nasser Al Rashid.

The Lady Moura has long been admired for her beautiful lines - all 105 metres - and was for a long time the largest yacht in Monaco. Those days are long gone but she remains a must-see for any visitor to Monaco.

What you won't see is her interior of which not much is known, or her large pool with retractable roof, a private helicopter or her onboard beach resort with sand and palm trees.

Like the Monaco Yacht Show, the Lady Moura celebrates her 20th birthday this year. You can read more about Lady Moura by clicking on the link.


Nathalie H.D. said...

Glamour glamour glamour.
It doesn't get much better than this. Your perfectly symmetrical photo is just what was needed to make us think we're about to step on board.

Alas !

Nathalie H.D. said...
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Nathalie H.D. said...

And a crew of 60?

Mmmmh, I've sometimes wondered whether it would be a nice job? Of course there's the fun of living on the water, being allowed on board an amazing boat and getting close to celebrities but in fact it's nothing more than a cleaner's job.

You become an expert at polishing brass and stainless steel to a gleaming perfection. Boring! Boring! Boring!

The Celiac Husband said...

Having worked on one of those big yachts, I can confirm that it is a dream job.

If your head is on straight. So much temptation, too much time off, etc.

But I truly enjoyed my years in yachting.

B SQUARED said...

Mine looks just like it.

Leif Hagen said...

What a dazzling boat! Wouldn't the owner let the EAGAN daily photo blogger and the Monte Carlo daily photo blogger inside for a VIP tour??!

Halcyon said...

Moura is certainly a fancy lady. I'd love to take a peek onboard.

boyfrombeach said...

before the Lady Moura, there was the Nabila, an almost as splendid ship which I last saw repainted somewhere in Antibes or Juan-Les-Pins?

The Nabila became famous for appearance in the 1983 James Bond movie "Never say Never" which amongst other areas of the world featured Villefranche and Menton.

glenda said...

Spectacular! What a ride this must be.

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