30 October 2010

Hector Berlioz

The Hector Berlioz sculpture stands in the small garden just below the entrance to the Monte Carlo Opera House. It was erected in 1903 to mark the centenary of this celebrated composer and conductor's birth. Berlioz died in 1869.


Bob Crowe said...

I LOVE Berlioz. Nobody but nobody writes high art bombast better. This bust has attitude, perfectly suited to the composer. I also like the way some capital letters are mixed into the middle of the name. It's something off-the-wall like Hector himself might do.

Back in the days before we were sensitive to hearing damage, I would sometimes go out running with headphones and listen to the Dies Irae of Berlioz's Requiem as loud as I could stand it. That's entertainment.

Freda L said...

Lovely photos bring back happy memories, I took photos of Berlioz-and Massenet but alas I don't have such a powerful zoom on my camera. Thankyou Jilly

Unknown said...

It's a good bust of a famous composer, although I shamelessly admit that I can't name any of his tunes.

Avocaken said...

Funny story - when my late wife was in nursing school whe was introduced (don't remember the class) to Berlioz and liked his works. So she went to a record (before CDs) and asked the young fellow if the had any music by Berlioz. The young man thought that my wife wanted music by Burley Oats and asked if they were a new group. True story.

Ken B.

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