27 October 2010

The Knot in the Beard

Deep in thought sitting on a bench outside Decathlon. How does he do that clever thing to his beard?


joanna said...

Ah what a lovely sitting portrait-photo you took of this man. I have not a clue about the knot in the beard though.


Julie said...

Facial hair is nearly as disclosing of character as are hands, Jilly.

Avocaken said...

My biggest question is "WHY"? :-) Maybe it keeps his long facial hair out of his soup? Since he hasn't asked for my opinion - yet - I'll be quiet now.

To each their own, or so it's said.

Ken B.

Anonymous said...

He looks very sad....
Barbara from Germany

Stefan Jansson said...

I'm guessing with his hands.

Nice candid portrait.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jilly.

This is again the kind of picture that I would hang on the wall.

There is so much meaning:

Old man
Old clothes
Old shoes

Long hair
Long beard
Long shoelace

Shirt collar well placed
Newspaper well placed under left arm
Old cap well placed on old briefcase

He is a poorly dressed man, proud-looking, living in one of the richest cities in the world.

What is he looking and thinking ?

Next time I go to Monaco, I will look for him everywhere to talk with him.

Thanks for these pictures.

Luc, Montréal

Rob Siemann said...

Lovely beard! I want the same... in a few years, 30 or so.

Anonymous said...

Great photo.
This man is intriguing.

Helene said...

what a good eye you have!

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