31 October 2010

Zoom on the Palace

We're looking at the Palace taken from the far side of the port - below Casino Square. That's a long way for my relatively small zoom.


Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

This is great shot of the Palace and the plaza in front of the Palace. Nice, soft light. It looks like there might have been a little rain to make the air clear for a crisp telephoto image. Sometimes, a bigger telephoto zoom seems to magnify the haze in the air.

Sharon said...

I like this shot. The light and sky are great!

joanna said...


I love this composition, no need to worry about getting closer, this looks good from this distance gives it a more expansive look.


Virginia said...

Don't you worry, we love it from this nice distance.
I"ve been really busy and haven't visited like I want to. I'll get back here my friend.

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